Teatro Massimo Palermo Laboratory of Arts and Crafts 2001

Teatro Massimo of Palermo

Stage Arts and Crafts Laboratory

Francesco Vitali in 2001, he win a scholarship at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo as scenic designer, the competition is organized by the Teatro Massimo and the European Community. He  is the only one chosen among all the participants who come from the regions of northern Italy, and together with 12 other scenographers he works in the prestigious Brancaccio workshops in Palermo to create the scenes of “I due timidi” by Nino Rota and other musical theater works; among all “Hoffmann’s Tales”:

Opéra-fantastique in three acts by Jules Barbier
Music by Jacques Offenbach

Hoffmann, Vincenzo La Scola
Olympia, Desirée Rancatore
Antonia, Mariella Devia
Giulietta, Patrizia Orciani
Niklausse, Francesca Franci
Lindorf, Coppélius, Le docteur Miracle, Dapertutto, Alfonso Antoniozzi
Spalanzani, Mario Bolognesi
Crespel, Luther, Angelo Nardinocchi
Andres, Cochenille, Franza, Pitichinacchio, Luca Casalin
Nathanaël, Giuseppe Caltagirone
Herman, Schlémil, Armando Gabba
A voice, Irina Pererva

Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo
Conductor, Stefan Anton Reck
Director, Jérôme Savary
Set, Michel Lebois
Costumes, Michel Dusserat
Choreography, Silvie Laligne