MIA Image Art Fair – Cement Flowers 2012

The Gallery Il Castello modern and Contemporary Art, presents the works of Francesco Vitali (Novara, 1971), a young art photographer, director, set designer and light designer, who graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. The images of the city, and their creative manipulation, are at the center of the artist’s work, eclectic able to combine the traditional with the digital processing of the images taken in an innovative and engaging way, an approach that is used to obtain effects surreal and abstract. The technique of kaleidoscope, therefore of the multiplication of images, is the fundamental prerequisite of the work of Francesco Vitali. The gap with respect to tradition is evident, since Vitali offers the public something new, surreal, dreamlike: no more frontal, but multiplied and juxtaposed images that open, just like concrete, and create new representations. He transforms materials like iron, steel, glass, into something else, lighter, able to free the eye of the observer, as Vitali claims, from the feeling of claustrophobia given by the innaturality of the “vertical city”. New York appears to us this way, according to completely different forms and geometries compared to the canonical ones, but in every image it is possible to find traces and clues of what we already know and which has been shown to us from all points of view, except for this, because Vitali he condenses different perspectives into his photographs, uniting them in a game of symmetries and references that are truly surprising. New York is only the starting point of a journey begun in 2007 that has brought the artist to Milan, Piacenza, Tel Aviv, Acre, Jerusalem, Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, a city that he has been able to reinterpret while maintaining intact its identity deeper.

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La Città come “fiori di cemento” negli scatti di Francesco Vitali
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