Fotographia 2012 Cement Flowers by Pino Bertelli

Cement flowers. by Pino Bertelli

[…] Francesco Vitali’s photographic writing is a reinterpretation of reality. Elaborate in the skilful alchemy of digital technique, his images form an emotional kaleidoscope that within a surrealistic, symbolic treatise, atonal to what runs in the windows does not matter): the philosophy of the oneiric that comes out of every image transforms the material photographed in depictions that liberate iron, steel, glass, volume, the architectural grandeur in a figural that is proper to children, madmen or artists (often cursed) who break the liturgy of imposed knowledge […] The Dionysian figural by Francesco Vitali is the same (but on other expressive sides, of course) of EJ Bellocq, Diane Arbus, Robert Mapllethorpe and Lewis Carroll: works on enchantment and joy, and in the search for the authentic, or the Promethean excess of desertion from pre-established reception canons, qualifies the cultural operation towards a higher degree of understanding […]